Facebook trialling automatic Photo Syncing for Android app

@ 2012/09/21
It might not be the biggest Facebook-photo news of late, but if you like to share your life with the network's Android app, there's word of a new feature on trial just for you -- photo syncing. Sound familiar? Sure, that's because you might already be doing something similar with the Google+ app with your very same phone. But, if Facebook is more your jam, then it looks like you might soon be able to shuffle those food pictures up to your profile "automagically." If you're worried that you might accidentally share something a little more private, be assured that photos sent to Facebook won't be public until you decide to share. Also, much like Google's implementation, you can decide whether to use mobile data or WiFi for uploading, with images that are shared over cellular being crunched down to a smaller size. It seems that this is still in trial though, so don't despair if you can't see the option -- or perhaps that's just how you like it. More info at the source.

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