NVIDIA SLI Performance Preview with MSI's nForce4 SLI Motherboard

@ 2004/10/29
The MSI motherboard we tested is actually the very first working sample of the K8N Neo4 Platinum/SLI; in fact, as of right now there are only 4 working nForce4 SLI samples at MSI in Taiwan, two of which happen to be in my hotel room. Despite the early nature of the motherboard, it was 100% stable and didn't crash once during our hours of testing nor in the 12 hours of burn-in before that. There were some rendering issues during some of the testing but we'd chalk that up to drivers that need some work; one thing to keep in mind is that SLI is extremely driver intensive and we'll explain why in a moment.

Comment from jmke @ 2004/10/30
well; it would not change the overall idea much, with SLI the CPU will be stressed at 1024x768 instead of 640x480

move to 1600x1200 and you still have the GPU as a bottleneck
Comment from kristos @ 2004/10/30
in what way? will it not empahsize even more the measely performance gain at higher settings?
Comment from calantak @ 2004/10/30
dual ultra's should give a totally different view of the 3 ghz fx...
Comment from jmke @ 2004/10/30
SLI performance gains are +/- as those had with voodoo II back in the days of 3DFX www.madshrimps.be/upload/jmke/SLI-then.htm
Comment from calantak @ 2004/10/29
the screens are awesome...
getting over 100 fps in farcry 1600*1200 hi quality and 4fsaa is not to be taken lightly...