ABIT Announces the ACON DOOM 3™ Media FragFest

@ 2004/10/28
October 20, 2004

You've seen their articles. You've read their reviews. Whether the subject matter is hardware or games, IT media seem to know the IT industry inside and out. However, the question remains:

Do they got game?

On October 31st, we are going to find out. ABIT and VIA are proud to announce the ACON DOOM 3™ Media FragFest. The ACON DOOM 3™ Media FragFest invites the world's top IT media to an online DOOM 3™ tournament to the finish. Your favorite IT publications will be in attendance to find out once and for all which ones have the skill and guile to take on the world.

How Does It Work?

The ACON DOOM 3 Media FragFest gathers hardware and gaming media from around the world and pits them against one another in a DOOM 3™ Deathmatch tournament. Media participants will be grouped according to their geographic location (Americas/EMEA/Asia) and will play on servers located in their respective regions. In addition to the coveted ACON Media FragFest Open Cup, the winner that emerges from each of the 3 regions will win 2 power-packed PC upgrade packages that they can raffle off to their faithful readers, including memory, CPU, and a VIA-based ABIT motherboard.

What's In It For Me?

By visiting the ACON DOOM 3 Media FragFest website, you will have a chance to enter the ACON Place Your Bets Contest. The contest is simple: vote for your favorite to win each regional tournament. If your predictions are correct, you will be entered into a draw for some awesome ABIT gear, including motherboards and graphic cards. All match replays will be available for download on the website. Also check out the website for exclusive information about all of your favorite publications and the editors that bring it to life. At the conclusion of the tournament, the server passwords will be dropped, and you will have a chance to duke it out with your favorite hardware and gaming publications!

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