OCZ Announces 600 Watt PowerStream Power Supply

@ 2004/10/28
OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high-reliability memory, today announced the release of the PowerStream 600 Watt power supply. OCZ will also be releasing the international versions of the PowerStream 420/520/600 Watt power supplies with 220V Active PFC (power factor correction) and a standard European AC cord.

The OCZ PowerStream power supplies are the most versatile, most adaptable and quietest PSUs available on the market today. The new 600 Watt edition is equipped with all the features of previous OCZ power supplies, but now includes additional features to add more versatility than the 420/470/520 Watt PowerStream power supplies.

In addition to PowerStream’s exclusive features, such as the ultra-quiet PowerWhisper, PowerFlex, and stabilizing PowerShield technology, the more powerful 600W power supply includes ATX12V 2.01, sleek, black cable sleeving, a PCI Express connector, and 220V Active PFC (International version only). With these complementary features, OCZ has developed a truly complete power supply with unprecedented performance capabilities. The OCZ 600 Watt PowerStream is an effective solution for PC-users searching for maximum performance, power, and versatility.

“With higher power CPUs, ultra-fast video cards, and continually growing hard drive capacity, the computer’s demand for power has dramatically increased in the last year,” said Steve Lee, VP of Sales and Marketing at OCZ Technology. “The OCZ 600W PowerStream is one of the few power supplies that can be trusted to deliver the power necessary for today’s most demanding computer systems.”

OCZ’s PowerStream power supplies are all backed by a 5-year PowerSwap warranty and industry-leading return program; any PSU returned within the first 3 years is immediately replaced with a new unit, eliminating lengthy return-for-repairs episodes. The product is also protected with an additional two year limited warranty.

For more information on the 600W OCZ PowerStream power supply, please visit the product page here.

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