Don’t Believe Your BIOS: MSI’s K8N Neo 2 Falsifies its Multipliers

@ 2004/10/27
This isn’t what I intended to write or publish tonight. Originally, tonight was supposed to be a review of Mushkin’s DDR500 on both AMD and Intel platforms. Instead, a simple RAM review turned into an in-depth exploration into why MSI’s K8N Neo2 Platinum performs the way it does

Comment from jmke @ 2004/10/28
then the author is braking up the wrong tree imho
the nVidia NF3 might be at fault then? or the whole A64 design?
Comment from kristos @ 2004/10/28
going on comments from gamer and easypanic on telenet, it's not just the msi that pulls this "stunt".
Comment from jmke @ 2004/10/27
did he test this half BIOS multi thingie on other boards also?
Comment from agent #2 @ 2004/10/27
Hmm intressting article. I think this is not so good for MSI.
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/10/27
Why is this very subject making reviewers pissed? I see the PC enthusiasts market the same difference as two-stroke motorcycle in the late 60's, when Yamaha introduced the 250/350cc that cheated the competitors in performance in gaining market share.

The PC industry is unregulated by any laws. IF they are regulated, there will not be any overclocking allowed. It is a dog-eat-dog market.