Intel intros LV Xeon with 64-bit extensions

@ 2004/10/27
CHIP FIRM Intel said it has released a Xeon using Extended Memory 64 tech but it's aimed at the lucrative storage market.
The EM64T is a 2.8GHz, 800MHz bus low voltage model and the chip giant said it will be particularly useful for storage embedded applications.

Intel claimed the 4GB barrier for 32-bit chips is onerous for the storage industry.

Xeons don't have model numbers yet, but we suspect this will change sooner rather than later.

How things change. Wasn't it only a year ago that the chip giant was telling everyone that you don't need to address lots of memory?

Still, this is a crafty move by Intel. Storage is a big bucks business, as all Microsoft's OEM partners know very well indeed.

Mike Wall, GM of Intel's storage component division, said that the chip will benefit more storage apps which use large database programs.

Also, the fact it is a low voltage chip will benefit people making machines that will work in confined spaces, he said.

We still feel that Intel should be writing operating systems not Microsoft. But has it the guts to attack the Vole head on? We suspect not

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