Little River Storm G4 Waterblock Review

@ 2004/10/26
The Storm G4 is the latest waterblock design from Little River Waterblocks. Because Cathar's first two designs (the Whitewater and the Cascade) both set new performance standards upon their release, many liquid cooling enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting this new block. The Storm is quite similar to the Cascade in some respects. Both blocks use a copper baseplate with many cups drilled into it, a middle plate with multiple jets (one in the center of every cup), and a central inlet/single outlet design. The Storm differs from the Cascade in some important ways though. The middle and top plates are black Delrin (which will not crack), the barbs used on the Storm have a slightly larger inside diameter (and are chrome), the density and size of the cups is changed, and the cups contain a small pin in their center to increase turbulence

Comment from jmke @ 2004/10/26
1.5-2°C max difference