Ultra X-Connect 500 Watt Modular Power Supply

@ 2004/10/24
Ever since I first saw modular power supplies at several modding supply stores on the WWW, I was hooked and had to have one. After several failed attempts to get one for review, I just decided it was a luxury I didn't need. Then, several months ago I noticed that several companies, namely Ultra and Antec, were going to release a mass produced modular PSU. This obviously wouldn't be the first time that a company 'borrowed' an idea started by modders, but it's one that I strongly welcome. I love the clean looks and flexibility offered by modular PSUs. As a matter of fact, I hope that most PSUs go this route in the near future. It just makes too much sense not to.

Comment from chimaera @ 2004/10/24
And now, they are for sale in benelux

We have started an ia about it, you can find it @: