Mushkin Hi Perf LII V2 1GB PC3200

@ 2004/10/24
These are good times to be a computer enthusiast, especially when it comes to the memory front. It seems like weekly we are seeing announcements from memory companies introducing the newest, fastest, coolest looking new sticks. Where once there were only one or two companies providing RAM that enthusiasts would seriously consider, today it seems like the market is flooded with good RAM. This is good for all of us because the competition keeps everyone fairly honest in price, and the days of trying stick after stick to get a great overclocker are pretty much over. One company that has been providing hardcore users good RAM for a long time is Mushkin. And today they have sent along some of their latest players in the low latency arena, the Hi Perf LII V2 PC3200. Let’s see if they can deliver the goods.


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