VIA Hyperion Pro 64 4.51 Beta Drivers

@ 2004/10/22
This driver is beta only. This package contains the drivers for Windows XP 64 and Windows Server 2003 64 bit only, supporting the components for K8T800, K8T800Pro and K8M800 including VT8237 South Bridge: : AC97 audio, RAID drivers and the RAID tool have all been updated. But don't get confused people! If you're not using a 64 bit operating system, these are not for you!

* VT8237 integrated South Bridge AC97 audio codec
* VIA AC97 Audio driver for integrated controller
* Raid Combo driver, including support for VT8237, VT6410, VT6420 and VT6421 controllers
* Raid Tool v 4.05

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