Gainward's Ultra/260 450 MHz air cooled flier

@ 2004/10/21
GAINWARD IS ONE of the three companies which offers cards beyond Nvidia's specifications and reference clocks. The other two are XFX and US based BFG. We explained this back in May.
We have already tested a water cooled version of this card here but we wanted to see how the air cooled baby would fare. It takes two slots as it has a massive cooler mounted on top of the card. We never experienced any stability problems on the 450MHz/1200MHz overclocked settings shipped with the card, which needs you to install its power tool utility. One thing that you will notice is that each time you start a 3D application or even a video file, the fan speed will increase. We remember this phenomenon from the 5800 series of cards. Just for the record, this card is noisier than ATI's X800XT Platinum edition but read on to see the performance scores.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/10/21
This will start an itch for some.