MGE XG Sidewinder Case Review

@ 2004/10/20
Turning the case around we see the acrylic window and the two 80mm fans mounted to the side facing inward. I like the idea of two 80mm fans mounted like this, it should make for good airflow throughout the case. The acrylic window is secured with 8 screws, and it does not rattle one bit. I've had a couple of windows rattle around in previous cases just when taking the side off or moving the tower, and it just makes them feel cheap.

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Comment from Sidney @ 2004/10/20
Good price point....
I have a case (2.5 years old) with the exact 2x80 mm fans on the same side panel location .... old trick. They don't do much except getting more dust into the case. I am still using it, but with the fan holes blocked off.

Using the same FX5900 @465/770, temp never goes over 54C. The case now has 1x80 intake @2100 rpm, 1x80 @2300 and 1x80 top blower @2000. Should attach a pic here.

My bad.