NV Silencer 5

@ 2004/10/20
When it comes to silently cooling the ultra high end video cards these days, the option list isn’t long and one main company that comes to mind is Arctic Cooling. Today HTPCnews takes a look at the Arctic Cooling NV5 Cooler, which is made solely for cooling the Nvidia 6800 series cards. They test its noise performance along with it’s overall cooling performance in comparison to the stock cooler on a NV6800 card.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/10/20
I don't get this one. Hope I'm not too critical. It doesn't reduce graphic card temp; it does reduce ambient temp by measuring temps via sensors. It reduces noise by 50% subjectively. Wait a minute, would I write something say a video card A is faster than card B by 50% subjectively without any measurable reading by a set standard rather than my "poor" eyesight ?....... and I recommend this product......

I hope I am reading it wrong....