nForce 4 Revealed

@ 2004/10/19
Nvidia provides plenty of shiny images of the nForce 4, and the above three are of the budget nForce 4, the Ultra enthusiast version, and the high end gamer SLI version. These are of course the polished pr images, and you won't find the fancy logo on the chip on the board when you pull the heatsink off.

So we see Nvidia is rebranding their chipsets, and moving from the 150 and 250 branding to adding Ultra and SLI to describe, and differentiate their chipsets. So what are the basic features of the nForce 4, and what sets each chipset apart? For this we turn to the oddly colored nForce 4 family of MCPs feature chart.

NForce4 Technology Preview @ Bjorn3D
The eagle has landed! nVidia's nForce4 is set to dominate the AMD64 marketplace, and it has plenty of features to offer to all levels. There is far more to this new chipset than the much-hyped SLI architecture; in fact, in my opinion the most exciting features are what will be offered to the average customer. Last week I met with nVidia and witnessed the nForce4 for myself...prepare to be impressed!

NVIDIA's nForce4 @

It's a really excellent bit of core logic for AMD CPUs. I know
many of you have been waiting for nForce4 before you upgraded to PCI
Express graphics cards. It's here, it performs great, features are top
notch and boards won't cost the earth.


nForce 4 Technology Overview @ Viper Lair

Following with their tradition of adding at least a little something new
to the mix, the nForce 4 chipset will be AMD's first PCI Express chipset
for the Athlon 64 family of CPU's. Alongside the new PCI Express base of
the nForce 4, other major features include that ability to use SLI with
supporting NVIDIA graphics cards, a continuation of the built-in hardware
firewall, methods to easily optimize the performance of your PC, and also
methods for safely storing your electronic information.

A look at NVIDIA’s nForce 4, nForce 4 Ultra and nForce 4 SLI

Today NVIDIA released the latest chipset: The nForce 4. In this article you can find out what great features this motherboard has. This chipset like the older version, the nForce 3, is designed for socket 939 and socket 754 AMD CPU’s. With this new chipset NVIDIA brings PCI-E as well as some other new things to AMD system.

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