nForce4: PCI Express and SLI for Athlon 64

@ 2004/10/19
In round 2 of the chipset wars, nVidia performed a massive transformation of the nForce3 chipset, moving from the pedestrian nForce3-150 to the leading-edge nForce3-250 family in April. As good as nForce3-250 is, however, users knew that more was on the way from VIA, SiS, and nVidia themselves. The CK8 chipset was first displayed at Computex in June. With the successful launch of the nForce3-250 family, it was clear that nVidia had every intention of upping the ante in the Athlon 64 market with both PCI Express and Dual Video cards on the single-chip CK8.

Comment from jmke @ 2004/10/19
nForce4 Ultra & SLI Preview : NVIDIA's new nForce4 motherboard chipset brings with it PCI-Express and SLI functionality along with new enthusiast tools, deep RAID features, and a hardened firewall for the masses.