Mr. Intel, Ms. AMD, where's my performance?

@ 2004/10/16
So despite all of the new technologies such as Serial-Ata, HyperThreading and 64-bit instruction sets that were introduced over the past two years, the net result is only a slight increase in performance.

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Comment from Sidney @ 2004/10/16
I do have to give credit to graphic card technology growth rate in the last two years, neverthless.

If I have to say I'm cheap .... it is in the graphic card. BUT, I have made a big decision in convincing myself to upgrade to FX5900. I like it so much better than my R9000; I sold the whole system to my partner. Awaiting for either X800 or GF6800; will make my mind up next week. I AM CHEAP!
Comment from calantak @ 2004/10/16
we told this time and again...
my 2.53 did 3.6 in a prommy mach1 over two years ago...
the 133 mhz i850e bus was at that moment cranked up to 190 mhz, with rimms at 3* instead of 4*.
I would like to see what that system did if you could plug in a current gen gpu...
it'd probably be as fast as a prescott 3.6...
and that was over two years ago
I know supercooling is uncomparable to the standard ways but it tells you sth about the flow of the industry when they can't make anything faster then what we had two years ago with a little freezer.
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/10/16
All I could say is; a meaningful remake on all the new chip sets and "new" stuffs that based on conformance of human nature we surrender our hard earn money to buy something that we brag about with low performance to value ratio.

Yet, we keep on the quest for "better"; keep up with the Jones. As much the article started by JMke at [M] -

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