Gigabyte K8NS Pro

@ 2004/10/14
The DDR slots are positioned far enough from the AGP slot so you can easily change memory without having to remove your video card. The IDE and floppy connectors are adjacent to the DDR slots which is a good spot for them. This location however isn't a good choice for the ATX connector and would have been better off over by the 12v connector. As I mentioned before the nForce 3 250 chipset is the only one on here and is covered by an active gold colored heatsink. This heatsink produces little to no noise when powered on which pleases me since I don't like fan noise. One nice thing about Gigabyte motherboards is that they use a dual BIOS system which gives you redundancy. If you happen to improperly flash your BIOS saving you the time and frustration of having to RMA your motherboard.


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