Linus Torvalds slams Nvidia

@ 2012/06/18
Open source Jesus, Linus Torvalds, has been taking his whips to the money-changers at Nvidia.

In a speech to Aalto University in Finland, Torvalds said that Nvidia is the "single worst company" that the Linux Foundation has ever dealt with to support the operating system.

Nvidia was "the exception rather than the rule" when it comes to Linux support, as most of the world was treating the operating system rather well.

This is a bit of a problem for Nvidia's PR as the company only joined the Linux Foundation in March this year, hoping it would "accelerate ... collaboration with the organisations and individuals instrumental in shaping the future of Linux".

However, Torvalds said that the company has been a nightmare, and while others are not perfect either, Nvidia was the worst.

Given what he said about other companies, you can see how bad Nvidia must be.

Torvalds said that he had seen companies that just don't care, and companies that felt that Linux wasn't a big enough market.

But at the same time there are a lot of companies that have been very helpful since very early days, he said.

Linux driver support by Nvidia is not really a new problem. Nvidia does have a few intellectual property reasons behind why it can't be as enthusiastic about Linux as many open saucers would like.

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