How Steve Jobs sabotaged Google+

@ 2012/06/18
The dying Steve Jobs had a wizard wheeze to sink his rivals which was based on the assumption that they were dumb enough to listen to his suggestions.

Google+ is largely a failed social networking tool which could not compete against Facebook. And part of that is thanks to a design which came from the genius of Steve Jobs.

According to Silicon News, the Apple CEO met with Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Page was the Google CEO by that time and has always seen Jobs as a bit of a mentor.

He suggested to them that Google had too many products spanning several services such as Search, GMail, YouTube, and Maps. He would unite them all under a "fluid user experience".

Rather than thinking "Jobs hates us now" and "what will the regulators think of that?" Page and Brin accepted the suggestion as a the word of God on high.

Google Plus was formed to link of all of Google's products and services. Of course it required the the formation of a controversial unified privacy policy which sent the watchdogs barking.

Everything done on non-Search services was added to the "filter bubble" where search results are filtered based on what a user likes on YouTube, Plus, and Gmail.

A user's "fingerprint" of browsing habits and their profile was bolstered up by linking all of the data gathered across all of the separate services under the new privacy policy and linked via the Google Plus login.

All that data targets advertisements to users more effectively to rake in more cash and it mirrors what Jobs' Mob is also doing with its iOS's iAd program and API.

As time is moving on, Google Plus is no longer attempting to be a social networking site as its primary focus instead is trying to link in Facebook and everything else.

It effectively creates Jobs' dream of having a walled garden which encompasses the world and is controlled by a central source.

It is possible that Jobs did it because he wanted to impart his own philosophy onto Google. But equally he must also have known that it was going to get the outfit into deep trouble. While Apple can get away with such things it does not have Google's global reach.

While it has privacy problems of its own, these are nothing like those that Google faces. Either way, it seems that Jobs was planning to have a good laugh on the other side.

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