Etymotic ER-6 Isolator Earphones Review

@ 2004/10/13
Audiophiles want not only the best speaker sets, but also the best pair of earphones and headphones for their portable enjoyment. The high demand from these enthusiasts and the commoners has led to the production of numerous high-end models that are produced by unlimited manufactuers. The enthusiast community, whether it is in computer hardware components or in audio, determines the strength and the path of the product and the market segment while being a rather small group when compared to average consumers. What we, as audiophiles, want in a pair of earphones or headphones is the highest possible quality of music. We want everything to be perfect and even want our earphones to outperform our speaker sets. And thanks to the advancement of technologies in this field, it is now possible to reproduce sounds in the best shape possible in these little wonders. We all know Bose, one of the best and most expensive multimedia speakers manufacturer in the world. They have a reputation to integrate and generate the best sound quality from petite speaker units. While Bose can be considered a leader, we can't ignore others who are not as well known to the community. Take Etymotic as an example. It won't be surprising if average users disregarded this company due to their lack of vibrant presence in the market, but it does not mean that they do not produce high-quality products."

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