NVIDIA SLI Benchmarks @ [H]

@ 2004/10/13
[H]ardOCP have thrown up some raw numbers direct from NVIDIA that show off the power of coming SLI configurations with DOOM3 and Halo. And for those of you wondering just how big SLI will make your ePenis, 3DMark05.

Athlon 64 4000+ 1GBDDR400, ASUS nForce4 SLI

Comment from SuAside @ 2004/10/13
also a good thing for gamers on a budget...

invest in a good board and an 6600GT

upgrade with SLI and you'll have the performance of an 6800GT without loosing 200 extra bucks over it...
Comment from JNav89GT @ 2004/10/13
Comment from kristos @ 2004/10/13
wow, nearly double the scores in 05

but pfs wise, the difference isn't as stunning

price performance wise, 6800GT in SLI seems to be the best choice, at least to me.