InnoAX iMX-300 Review

@ 2004/10/13
Overall, the iMX-300 is a multifunctional music player that supports both MP3 and WMA audio formats. With the built in FM tuner and voice recording functions, the iMX-300 is a decent audio player. The thing I like the most about the iMX-300 is its tiny size and aluminium case that gave a classy yet cool finish to the music player. However, the connection speed can be improved with utilizing USB2.0 instead of USB1.1, and the battery life could be better. The iMX-300 also carries a hefty price tag considering the built in memory will not be enough for most users. I also like it because it is lightweight and can easily fit into any where you might possibly want to put it into. It also draws some attention when I was hanging out with my friends as the OLED display was sharp and bright. If you happen to look for a MP3 player, consider this model!


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