Gates will be remembered while Jobs is forgotten

@ 2012/06/11
In 50 years the name of Steve Jobs will be forgotten, while people are building statues to Bill Gates, according to a best selling author.

Malcolm Gladwell's logic is impeccable. He thinks that since Gates used his money to save Africans from dying, while Jobs just made toys, humanity will remember the Microsoft King fondly.

During a recent interview in Toronto, Gladwell said humanity will have no reason to have a clear memory of his longtime tech rival, Apple chief Steve Jobs.

He said that there will statues of Bill Gates across the Third World. There's a reasonable shot that, because of his money, people will cure malaria.

Gladwell does not believe that Gates will be remembered for the way he made his money either. He thinks that people will forget Microsoft, Windows and the whole reason that Gates has pots of cash.

Gladwell ans penned nonfiction books include "Blink" and "The Tipping Point." His most recent book, called the "Outliers," attempts to explain what factors separate highly successful people from average ones.

He said that when the world venerates entrepreneurs, such as is happening with the Apple cargo cult, it is important that it realises what it is venerating.

Entrepreneurs are not moral leaders, because if they were they wouldn't be great businessmen.

Gladwell said that every single idea of Jobs came from somebody else. And he would be the first to say this.

Jobs took credit for things. He was shameless. He was an extraordinarily brilliant businessman and entrepreneur. He was also a self-promoter on a level that we have rarely seen, Gladwell said.

But that does not add up to a tin of beans when you look at historical contribution and memory.

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