Lian-Li PC-V1000 Aluminum Case

@ 2004/10/12
So you like the engine, the interior, stereo, cupholders, and those awesome heated seats for the wintertime to keep your butt nice and why the heck is your car so freakin' ugly!?!??!?! You have the innards, but the outards are not too good-looking to please those old tired eyes of yours. As with cars, the same could be said with your PC. You have the latest vid card, a terabyte of storage, and the biggest and baddest processor on the block, but that case looks like an old Apple IIe that just died its last death. Don't keep killing your style with that ugly case of yours; get something with a little more flair, pizzazz, and any other redundant word you want to use to describe a sweet looking case like the Lian Li PC-V1000. All-aluminum, sleek, fast, and flashy as hell! This is just what you need to put a new spark into your blah PC life. Oh yeah, it's functional too; don't want to leave that out, do I??!! The great people at Monarch Computer Systems have been generous enough to allow me to take a look at the PC-V1000 and its add-on window side panel. Many thanks go out to them for their contribution.

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