MSI 865PE Neo2-P Platinum Edition

@ 2004/10/12
With its overclocking potential and stability, the Neo2-P can take overclocking to another level. Being said so, the NB heatsink might require an active cooler as it tends to get quite hot there. Also, if you’re planning to transfer huge chunks of video files using Firewire, you can forget getting this motherboard as it does not come with a Firewire port. However, getting a PCI Firewire solution will solve your problem. Using the CoreCenter and LiveUpdate functions cetianly made overclocking and BIOS updating a relieve! The nicely designed packaging will definitely get into your attention and with a budget price tag on its box, you can’t go wrong with the Neo2-P. Moreover, the Neo2-P also received a TUV award for certified durability. We can’t recommend you more to go and get this motherboard if you're on a tight budget.


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