Abit SV-1A Socket 939 motherboard with PCI-X and integrated ATI Rage XL Graphics

@ 2004/10/11
Just after its first dual-AMD Opteron SU-2S and PCI-Express Socket 939 AX8, Abit is shaking again the AMD universe with the SV-1A, an incredible socket 939 motherboard! Sporting a VIA K8T800 Pro northbridge and a VIA VT8237 southbridge, the mainboard offers, thanks to VIA VPX II, the PCI-X controller from the chipset king, a complete 3-slots PCI-X support that goes with 1 PCI slot, 6 to 10 S-ATA connectors (2 S-ATA I and 4 to 8 S-ATA II), Gigabit LAN, integrated ATI Rage XL Graphics and much more. Complete specification and photos of this new hardware marvel are all at AMDboard, the AMD specialist:


More Socket 939 motherboards for AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Athlon 64 FX also at

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