PQI & G. Skill: New Choices in 2-2-2 Memory

@ 2004/10/11
When Corsair 3200XL appeared on the market, it was the first time since the death of Winbond BH5 that we had seen a memory with 2-2-2 timings at DDR400. More than that, this new memory also proved to reach DDR500 performance levels - something that Winbond BH5 could never do. We certainly took notice of the new memory based on Samsung chips, and every other memory maker took notice as well. As you saw in =F-A-S-T= DDR Memory: 2-2-2 Roars on the Scene, almost every top memory maker now has a DDR400 2-2-2 memory in their catalog.

Today, we will compare the two most recent DDR400 2-2-2 memories from G. Skill and PQI to the major-brand DDR400 2-2-2 that we have tested in the past. Do these new DIMMs based on Samsung TCCD chips perform as well as others that we have reviewed? This is not a trivial question because Samsung TCCD memory chips are some of the most expensive memory chips on the market. If some of these newer modules with TCCD chips perform just as well, buyers can shop for DDR400 2-2-2 memory on the basis of price and warranty.

Full results based on new testing on our standard Intel 875 memory test bed are included. We also brought forward results on the new AMD Athlon 64 memory test bed. Both G. Skill and PQI were included in the recent Athlon 64 memory roundup, and the results are repeated in this review for convenient comparison. With both sets of results, you should have a very clear picture of how PQI PC3200 Turbo and G. Skill TCCD compare to the best memory that we have tested on both the Intel and AMD Athlon 64 platforms.

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