Nvidia PCI Express 6800 coming soon

@ 2004/10/11
NVIDIA will start producing its PCI Express NV45+BR 2 cards this month. We are expecting to see them sampled very soon while Nvidia might use a higher number than 6800 to describe these cards.
Up until now, it has been an ATI game only, that is you don't consider the downclocked PCX5900 as a high end card. A few months back, it was.

We remember that an Nvidia high ranking officer mentioned these PCIe NV45 cards back in July in Taiwan, and he said then to expect them soon in in market. The cards will be clocked at standards set by 6800 Ultra AGP, that is 400MHz core and 1100MHz memory.

ATI is offering its X800XT cards clocked at 500/1000MHz at €550 to €640 and you can get them now in etail shops across the European web. It seems that Sapphire can offer them for below €500 but those cards are still not generally available.

Nvidia has one PCIe NV 45 based card in retail, its QuadroFX 3400. You can buy it for an extremely cheap €1250 per piece. Still, you don’t buy this card to play games on it. You buy it to build cool animations and movies.

I guess that with 17 million PCIe 915 on the way, there will be enough high end slots for everyone.

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