Aopen sells cheaper Pentium M mobo

@ 2004/10/11
Centrino-ish, overclockable, supports Dothan

By INQUIRER staff: Sunday 10 October 2004, 19:32

AKIBA PRICE WATCH said a Pentium M based motherboard that you can overclock has appeared in stores in the Akihabara district of Tokyo.
The Aopen micro ATX board, the i855GMEm, which uses a 479M socket costs ¥29,780, which equates to around $270. While that's not that cheap compared to the knockdown P4 boards you can get from third parties, reference boards for other Pentium M products have cost quite a bit more, previously.

The board uses the i855GME chipset, comes with a bundled CPU fan and supports the Dothan Pentium M chip. It will support Banias pentium Ms too, the advert suggests.

It includes support for 2GB of memory in two DDR 33 slots, dual Gigabit Ethernet, Serial ATA-II, and 5.1 music.

It runs pretty quietly and, the site says in words and pictures, here, that it's being pushed quite hard by the shop that's selling it.

While Intel quietly acknowledges that Pentium M desktops are cute little numbers, it downplays their importance against the Pentium 4 and all its works and EE trumps.

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