Logisys UV Molex Sleeve Kit

@ 2004/10/10
The rations struck me as odd. Generally UV sleeving kits are meant for PSU mods so it makes sense to have the ATX, AUX, P4 12V, floppy, and 4-pin female molex connectors. However, there are no power supplies that make direct use of male 4-pin molex connectors. I’m assuming these extras were included for swapping out connectors of other components that hook up to the PSU (such as fans). There are also no SATA ones present. Another oddity is the UV sleeve length: only 5ft. This may seem like a lot, but unless you have a generic PSU with few, short cables, you’ll run out before you cover even half the wires, meaning you’ll need to purchase at least two of these kits for a complete overhaul. Finally, there’s no heatshrink so you’ll need either buy your own or use tape cover up the tips of your cable mesh to prevent parting. On a brighter note, the female Molex connectors have grips on both sides for easier removal once they're hooked up to a device.


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