X800XT PE orders pushed back to November

@ 2004/10/07
IT'S ALMOST JUST A PRESS edition but you can buy the Radeon X800XT PE. If you are very persistent, as our reader saya, who found quite few of them in German and US shops. We will share some of his links with you. You can see you see some of these cards here, here, here, here and in USA here and here. The list is much longer

Comment from Gamer @ 2004/10/07
for european members : funcomputer has some on stock.
from ordering to receiving : 1 week (like mine).

people who thinks Funcomp isn't a good shop anymore, are wrong.
you can choose COD, no error possible.
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/10/07
ATYT just released Q4 sales up 44% than previous year Q4, yet profit is below expectation. Translation - since everyone wants more sales, hates backorder and lower margin - may be the production yield factor is low resulting to lower profit despite higher demand.
Comment from calantak @ 2004/10/07
man...the card has been out for some 5 months...