8COM Wireless Digital BH220 Bluetooth Headset

@ 2004/10/07
8COM Wireless is a new leading force in the ever growing market of Wireless Technology. Since the company’s inception in 2002, 8COM has expanded into virtually every wireless technology in today’s marketplace. Currently, 8COM has offices worldwide and is quickly becoming a leading name in the wireless business. 8COM has once again shown why they are on the up rise with their recent release of the BH220 Bluetooth Headset. Compatible with any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, the BH220 is a perfect addition to make a user’s mobile phone experience more pleasant. Although, the BH220 is great for mobile phone use, the over the top sound quality make this product a great addition to any Bluetooth capable PC or desktop. When coupled with the 8COM Bluetooth Dongle (not included) the BH220’s outstanding, crisp, clear wireless audio brings a new exiting touch to any PC."

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