Does Samsung's point-and-shoot departure mark an industry-wide shift to mobile?

@ 2012/05/11
Samsung's CES camera lineup had a single focus across the range: wireless connectivity. The company's flagship point-and-shoot, the 14-megapixel WB150F, boasts built-in WiFi at the very top of its feature shortlist. In fact, until you make your way to the third (and only) capture-related detail (an 18x optical zoom lens), you'd be hard-pressed to distinguish the dedicated device from some of Samsung's other camera-equipped offerings. With its latest generation of "Smart Cameras," the company moved to further bridge the gap between its gamut of portable devices, by bringing key smartphone features to its digital imaging line.

As it turns out, the move was simply a crutch -- an opportunity to refresh models with technologies in which the company has already made significant investments. And it appears to have resulted in only a slight delay of the inevitable. We now know what to expect for Samsung's point-and-shoots -- pocketable models will step aside to make room for NX-series interchangeable lens cameras, and compact fans will continue to turn to Galaxy all-on-ones for their on-the-go shooting needs. Join us past the break for a closer look at how the move could impact the industry, and what the future may hold for the (formerly) beloved point-and-shoot.

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