GA-8I915P Duo-A (AGP & PCI-E)

@ 2004/10/06
The Gigabyte GA-8I915P Duo-A is the first Grantsdale board we have had a chance to look at and from what we have seen so far we like it. This board is not intended as their top-of-line LGA 775 board for that you will need to look at the GA-8GPNXP Duo or GA-8ANXP-D. But what the GA-8I915P Duo-A does offer is a very nice motherboard for someone that is wanting to see if LGA 775 Intel processor is the route they want to go. The board offers both DDR Dual Channel 400/333 and DDR2 533/400 support up so you will not need to immediately spend you money for DDR2 memory until you have made up your mind. But be advices if you want to experience the full speed and power of this motherboard it is recommended that you use DDR2 memory.

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