Thermalright XP-90

@ 2004/10/06
Traditional CPU air cooling methods has been around for the past few years. Being the cheapest yet easiest way to cool down the CPU, we often resort to traditional air coolers instead of expensive yet complicated water coolers. When it comes to air cooling, none other does the job better than Thermalright. From the success of their legendary SP-94 and SLK948-U, a new breed of XP series coolers was born. Named as “Light-n-Easy”, the XP series are light and easy to install. With their successor, the XP-120, a smaller younger brother was shaped. Therefore, we took a look at their latest XP-90 CPU cooler in this review.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/10/06
Only 3C better than 948U! I was expecting more.

Should receive mine today. Will find out soon enough.