I-O Readies a New Line of USB 3.0 Flash Drives

@ 2012/04/19
In addition to announcing the AVHD-PxU Series DVR-loving external HDDs, I-O Data has today revealed the TB-3X family of USB 3.0 flash drives. Set to ship in late May, these new drives measure 23.1 x 59.8 x 8 mm, they deliver read/write speeds of up to 75/25 MB/s, and feature a capless design with a slide-out USB connector, and a metal casing colored in gold, red or silver.

The TB-3X drives are backed by a one-year warranty and come in 8 GB ($36.6), 16 GB ($65), 32 GB ($121) and 64 GB ($194.4) capacities.

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