Fable @ Bytesector

@ 2004/10/03
After years and years and…well let’s just say a fairly lengthy
development cycle, gamers can finally get their hands on a copy of Fable.
When I say gamers, I mean a lot of gamers, as Fable managed to sell over
375,000 units in just its first week. For a game fueled by so much hype, I
guess it was to be expected. In the process of propelling Fable to that
pedestal among the clouds, Microsoft did make one fatal mistake by
promising features that never did make it into the final copy. Was I
looking forward to competing with other heroes in a race to fame? Damn
straight I was. Must the dream of creating a totally unique RPG character
remain unfulfilled? I guess so. These features that once seemed so
appealing have either been toned down or completed excluded from the final
game. What may come as a surprise is this: the game still rocks. Once I
got past the absence of certain elements, I absolutely loved playing
Fable. Sure, some of the smaller promises were broken, but the overall
game is just so detailed that you’ll be hooked in no time at all. Now, let
’s delve into the world of Albion, the not-so-peaceful setting of this
great fable.


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