ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder 9800 Pro

@ 2004/10/03
ATI has been an industry leader in computer graphics for many years now.
They currently lead the market with their top of the line X800 graphics
card and have just released their All-in-Wonder version of the X800, but
who has an extra $600++ sitting around to spend on the top of the line
graphics card? The solution, jump down one level to the 9800 Pro VPU and
grab an All-in-Wonder graphics card for less than $400! The Radeon 9800
VPU has many of ATI’s latest, non-HD, features available at your finger
tips. The card is slightly older than the AIW 9600 Pro and therefore doesn
’t come with a built-in FM tuner, but other than that, the VPU jumps far
ahead of most of the competition. I’ll tell you why and explain some of
the more technical details as we get into the review.


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