Thermalright XP-90 P4/K8 Heatsink

@ 2004/10/03
Thermalright recognized the needs of the latest generations of hot-running processors, and the result of their efforts is a something they call Light 'N' Easy. This concept is based on efficiency rather than brute force, and is epitomized by the spidery XP-120. With its aluminum construction, huge surface area, and five heat pipes, the XP-120 is marvelously effective, but in some cases its large size creates compatibility issues. Thermalright's response to this problem was to introduce the XP-90, which takes its design cues from the Light 'N' Easy concept, but in a package substantially smaller than the XP-120

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/10/03
L116 x W96 x H75 (mm) quoted in the review.

Thermalright website now has the same dimension verus H63mm before.

Any surprise to see 80mm fan has very similar performace against 92mm? Even noise level is within 2dBA.

I'm getting one from Gary for $35.