A Day at ATI

@ 2004/10/02
"Given some of the demos we've seen that day, we asked for his opinion on
benchmarks, particularly synthetic vs real-world. Both are important he
says. The problem of course is possible driver optimization, so a balance
with real-world benchmarks is needed. On that note, we bugged him a little
about the performance gap with NVIDIA regarding Doom 3. Stanley recognizes
that scores can be improved, but timedemo'd benchmarks are not true
indicators of actual gameplay."

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/10/02
ATI's focus is optimizing the most impact for the number of transistors on the card. Why waste chip real estate on features that may not be used? To be honest, we're not going to argue that much, as by the time we see Shader Model 3.0 games, we don't think many power users are going to be running X800 or GeForce 6800 cards for that matter.
Cost factors.

At the end of the say if a Company is not making money, what good is it?