10 ATX Case Round Up

@ 2004/10/01
"As with anything else, trends in computer cases come and go. As the whole modding scene took off, we saw beige tin cans replaced with hulking great black boxes which were judged solely on the number of cooling fans they could accommodate. Lian Li started the craze for all things aluminium and the last couple of years have seen the rise of cheap pre-modded cases in every garish colour imaginable."

Silverstone TJ01
Silverstone TJ05
Beantech Igloo 4 OB
Beantech Igloo 8 OB
Beantech Igloo 10 OB
Lian Li 6070A
Coolermaster ATC 201 "Praetorian" *
Quiet PC C6607
Thermaltake VA3000 SNA "Tsunami Dream" *
Aerocool "Lubic"

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