Software hack: Enabling 16 Pipelines On Your GeForce 6800

@ 2004/09/30
We recently reported that Alexey Nikolaychuk, the author of RivaTuner, has found the mechanism, which NVIDIA cards use to set 12 or 16 pipelines on GeForce 6800 and 6800GT/Ultra, respectively. Of course, if a card has 4 offline pipelines defective, it will produce artefacts and we can't guarantee that any GeForce 6800 can be remade into a 6800GT!

We continued our examinations and finally Alexey found the key allowing to IGNORE hardware pipeline disabling. Naturally we expected artefacts, as they don´t disable pipelines just for fun.

YOU DON´T NEED TO MESS WITH BIOS to perform operations above.

Comment from jmke @ 2004/09/30
not so according this mod

although it's a hardmod, it's basically enables the same things on the card
Comment from IKilledMyAGOIA @ 2004/09/30
i think its already guaranteed that every 6800 is a 4 screwed pipes ultra/GT chip...