OCZ PC3700 Gold Rev. 3 Memory Review

@ 2004/09/30
"It is clear that DDR1 memory standard is not going anytime soon. After all, the market shares for this already mature technology and platform is already in place and many users will not gain benefits by adopting the next generation (915 and 925 chipsets) Intel platform over the current generation (i875P) one. While there are speculations that AMD will soon adopt the PCIe and other newer technology based platforms, the due date is still not clear. Of course, we can't ignore the price to performance ratio, which is causing the largest slowdown of the adoption of newer technologies. The industry is walking down a very uncertain yet predictable path at this point. While many industry leaders are in confusion, the memory market is fairly well covered and was predicted to go in the right direction at the beginning of this year. Samsung and Intel was confident of the DDR1 performance and stated that it will take time for everyone to adopt to DDR2 technology. In a conference call that we attended with IBM, Intel, and Samsung, the progression graph of DDR2 was slowly rising and will hopefully peak by mid-2005."

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