Snapshot from Asus' A8N-E Premium nForce 4 motherboard

@ 2004/09/30
Officially announced with the French press today, the K8T890 of VIA will be the direct competitor of the nForce 4 of nVidia from here a few weeks. The principal contribution of this new chipset vis-a-vis the K8T800, it is well on the support of the bus PCIExpress. Indeed, the K8T890 supports a graphic port PCIE 16x and four channels PCIE 1x. It is thus composed of northbridge K8T890 and, for the current versions, of the antique Southbridge VT8237, that VIA would have normally already to replace by the VT8239 since good a long time. In short, the first two manufacturers to declad his Abit and Asus. Thus let us start by speaking about Abit and the AX8:

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