Nvidia OEMs get WHQL certification, you'll get it soon too

@ 2004/09/30
NVIDIA FELT that it had to react on our recent story about its WHQL driver and. It has finally presented us with its side of the story we reported here.

Its OEMs have WHQL drivers and this driver is now available for the 6600 and 6800 generation of cards - it just hasn't appeared at its own web site, yet. If you have OEM or system integrator systems based on 6600 or 6800 you should have WHQL drivers on it. Otherwise companies such as Dell would never deal with Nvidia cards or you would have to do a killer price deal to persuade them do it. WHQL is all about stability and Dell, HP and IBM like their machines to be stable otherwise their customer support phone lines burn and go incandescent as unsatisfied customers call. A sort of living hell.

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