RaBiT - Radeon ATI BIOS Tuner

@ 2004/09/28
RaBiT (Radeon ATI BIOS Tuner) is a BIOS Info/Editor utility designed for all ATI Radeon Graphic Cards. This Tool is designed to give you as much details as possible about an ATI BIOS. As it is know, the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Card could easily be flashed to a Raden 9800 XT. And basically therefore the RaBiT utility is very usefull to check your Original BIOS and also the BIOS you would like to use to flash you ATI Card with.

Ability to modify the several BIOS parameters
Core Clock defined within the BIOS
Memory Clock defined within the BIOS
Memory Size defined within the BIOS
Memory Bus/Mode defined within the BIOS
Ability to modify Memory Clock Timings

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