AMD setting itself up for a fall

@ 2004/09/28
AMD HAS DONE so well for itself over the last two years that it could almost be forgiven for thinking that the main battle is over. It has what is generally considered the fastest desktop processor on the market in the Athlon FX. It has what is generally acknowledged as the best X86 multi-processor architecture in the Opteron. It seems to have the upper hand against its arch-rival Intel. But if it keeps going the way it has been over the last year, AMD is due for some very nasty surprises.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/09/28
Think about anti-trust laws for a moment;

If they don't exist, Intel and AMD would have been one Company?
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/09/28
The alternative is that Intel will strike back with a Pentium V or whatever it's called that wrong-foots AMD. Intel has the money, the capability and the will to knock the smaller firm back into second position by a long way. This is the time for a decisive strike at the heart of Intel. If it can place itself so far ahead performance-wise that Intel is thrown into complete disarray, it can only benefit both AMD and the industry as a whole.
He who has the money controls the outcome most of the time.