Celeron 335D, the disguised Willamette

@ 2004/09/28
The Celeron 335D resembles more the Pentium IV Willamette than any processor except that it is etched on 90nm strained silicon process. The P4 Willamette - the s478 version at least - and the celeron featured 16K L1 and 256K L2 cache. Moreover, it gets some welcomed improvements from the Prescott core with 31 pipeline stages as well as enhanced branch predictor, scheduler and execution core but still no hyperthreading. Also in the bag, 13 new SSE3 instructions and a welcomed boost to the FSB from 400Mhz to 533MHz. All this to say that that particular Celeron would be a perfect upgrade if you have an older Pentium IV 2Ghz, looking to be boosted. All these helped to improve Performance markedly as compared to the older generation Celeron. But while they perform well as compared to the products they replace, there can only be some sense of belatedness when you see that similar priced AMD products were offering this kind of performance since a very long time indeed.

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