CATALYST Beta 8.07 Driver

@ 2004/09/28
ATI has decided to make the 8.07 beta driver available to the public for a variety of reasons.

The 8.07 beta driver fixes a random hang issue with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic when loading / switching levels. We have received a significant number of bug reports for this issue and feel that it should be addressed as quickly as possible.

ATI wants to provide its RADEON X700 customers with the same level of performance and gaming experience as shown in the recent RADEON X700 reviews. Unfortunately due to the time requirements to ship RADEON X700s to retail shelves a now out-dated 8.04 driver had to be used for the software CD.

The 8.07 beta driver includes a memory allocation bug fix for all AGP RADEON products with 256 of MB of memory that significantly improves performance for applications that make intensive us of graphics memory.

Comment from jmke @ 2004/09/28
Update from ATI about the BETA driver

This driver also fixes a memory allocation problem for all of our 256 MB products, this fix will result in a significant performance boost on applications that can take advantage of the larger frame buffer.

One of these applications is 3DMark05, the scores on 256 MB boards will differ greatly between this and older drivers, so we strongly suggest that reviewers use this new version (please note however that this is NOT a 3DMark05 specific optimisation, it is a generic bug fix related to boards with 256 MB of memory).