Chenbro Xpider II Gaming Case

@ 2004/09/27
Chenbro has been making cases for a long time, ranging from slim desktop cases to advanced server cases to premodded gaming cases. The case we're looking at today, the Chenbro Xpider II, is the second generation of the Xpider case that was very well received by gamers. This version benefits from a handful of strategic design changes as well as some cosmetic updates, all of which seem destined to make the Xpider II an even better and more popular case than the original.

[M] review:
Comment from jmke @ 2004/09/27
man I must be wasted
picked up that link from [H]

with 125+ newsposts every week it can happen that there are doubles

here's a case review you haven't seen, I think:

Kingwin Mutant X Black Case with Window

Overall, Kingwin's Mutant X looks like a well made case with good cooling and LOTS of room for drives. Considering there is space for two 80 mm exhaust fans, I think adding watercooling to this case with the right sized radiator could make a very nice looking system.
Comment from kr15t0f @ 2004/09/27